Automate Your Customer Support With Instagram Shopify Chatbot

Shopify Instagram chatbot provides automated customer support, and it’s a new sensation in Instagram marketing. Shopify provides a huge platform to make eCommerce sites more meaningful. An Instachatbot is another tool that can help you to cater to the IG marketplace by delivering extra care to your customers.

Instagram has approximately 1 billion monthly active users and 500 million daily active Story users, making it the world’s most giant picture and video-sharing network. The interaction between brands and their audience looks seamless on Instagram. Many leading brands spread their network on Instagram and make ways to discover products and other details. 

For example, A well-known Shopify user, Sephora cosmetics, shares product videos, images, catalogs, and Instagram ads to engage their audience. They have 20.7M followers, and their business page is always up-to-date to entertain their audience.

Sephora Instagram Chatbot

On Instagram, you can find people between the ages of 18-28, and it is suitable for an online business to sell its products. As gen Z is freaking out for shopping and buying gadgets online. Meanwhile, brands consciously outreach to them by using the most popular platform Instagram.

You can experience how strong the AI is. For instance, you google a haircare treatment on Google, and you can see different haircare products on your Instagram timeline. That’s how brands are capturing their audience by knowing their customer personas in real-time bidding.

Just seeing products/services from your online store will not make your customer ready to opt for your product, but great assistance is much-needed. That’s why the Instagram chatbot came to life and gave relief and a cost-effective solution. Let’s get to know about what an Instagram chatbot is and what an Instagram chatbot can do?

Shopify Instagram Chatbot – The Best Combo Ever!

Chatbot revolutionizes your world with its intelligent features, and 67% of companies look forward to it. As AI transforms the world, people benefit from advancing technology like saving time, reducing extra costs, and getting the work done quickly. 

Chatbots are software that provides automated conversational flow and talk to the users like a human. It is not human, but it can train like the way humans interact with others. It helps to reduce the gap between companies and their prospects or customers. 

On Instagram, where you can find your target audience of 1 million active users, there is no big deal to get thousands of queries. 71% out of 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram are under the age of 35. Every day, 500 million accounts of Instagram use Instagram features like Stories, video sharing, hashtags, etc. Many leading eCommerce sites expand their customer support team to cater to a large number of queries. 

Let’s say you have a great offer on the occasion of Christman, and the spike of your organic traffic raises high just to get the discount offers. In the meantime, customer support agents put more effort into providing tremendous support throughout the campaigns. 

Let’s list down the main things you want from your support team:

  • Real-time assistance 
  • 24/7 presence on the channel
  • Multiple languages to assist across the world
  • Minimum time hours to reply back
  • Provide support to numerous customers at a time 
  • Maintain customers dealing conversation 

These are what we want from a human agent, but what if I said Shopify Instagram chatbot could do more for you without any human interference. So let’s have a look:

Shopify Chatbot Responds in Real-time

As soon as Instagram DM hits with any query, your embedded chatbot will not delay and respond to it in real-time. Building a smart chatbot is as important as training a human agent to assist your customers. Real-time takeover helps your customer get their desired information so they can easily make decisions.

Shopify Instagram Chatbot

Easy Placing Orders Through Shopify Integration

Shopify integration on Instagram is an excellent way to get access to the primary operations of the eCommerce site, which comes first in customers’ minds when they think about online shopping. They must find their desired product, place orders, add shipping details, and at the end payment process. By integrating with Shopify, Instagram helps you display products and sleek how to place orders within the chatbot.

24/7 Presence on Shopify Instagram Store

A report says, 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile daily. Building customer relationships is such a big deal and needs great effort to maintain in the long run. Customers are a great asset for any company, and you can say there is nothing if you don’t have a buyer for your product. If you are available for your visitors or customers anytime and anywhere, it can be possible. The best feature of chatbots is they can live 24/7 to entertain your Shopify Instagram store. 

Shopify Instagram Chatbot

Simple Payments with Instagram Shopify Chatbot

Excellent user experience always brings more customers, and when it comes to minimizing the way of the payment process, the chatbot helps undefined. Now, your customer can immediately take action and get their shopping done by having a simple payment method. The Stripe integration makes the payments process more effortless and secure payments at the same time.

Live Chat with Human Agents

Chatbots can not entirely replace humans. However, if a chatbot gets stuck from any complexity or any out-of-the-ground question, it can quickly call a human agent to provide customer support to your customers. It means automation and manual assistance can happen all the way through your Instagram shopping experience. 

Entertain IG Audience Across the World

If you want to spread your network worldwide and need multiple languages to learn, a chatbot can help. You don’t need to hire agents to assist people in different languages. Instead, you can design a chatbot in your preferred language. Shopify Instagram Chatbot provides a multilingual chatbot for selling your product in your online business.

Identify & Generate IG Leads

What stops you from generating leads when you have an Instagram chatbot on your comment section. Your comment section is the most overflowed section where people leave the comments by asking about pricing, delivery charges, or other product details. It is better to automate your comment section with your Shopify Instagram chatbot and provide personalized assistance in DM. 

Bottom line

Shopify Instagram Chatbot transforms the way of marketing and strengthens selling abilities throughout the network. Automated customer support is the need of today’s market for engaging customers, satisfying their needs, and making them retained. 

InstaChatbot allows you to build a free Shopify Instagram chatbot and helps you to widespread your business through IG marketing. You can customize it according to your needs, provide real-time assistance, save time, and reduce cost with a human-like conversational flow. So why don’t you try this with zero investment? Let’s give a shot to the Instagram business account.

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