Why You Should Build an Instagram Chatbot for Shopify Store

1B+ Instagram active users…

2.14B online shoppers…

4,349,036 of Shopify store…

1.4B of chatbot users… 

This data will help you to understand the whole story of the transformation of online purchasing by using the Instagram chatbot for the Shopify store. If you are doing online business, you have a good margin to spread your business across the world.

But I feel sorry for those who do not pay attention to social media platforms like Instagram.

Well, social media platforms are the huge marketplace that many of them are using but do they provide everything that people want on Instagram? Just posting product images is enough for capturing customers? 

“Social media is about the people! Not about your business. Provide for the people and the people will provide for you.”

Matt Goulart

This saying is enough to tell you how important social media users are for your business. But you can prioritize your channels according to your business. 

Let’s say for eCommerce shops, the best platform is Facebook and Instagram carrying 1.5 Billion active users and 1 Billion active users respectively. 

Moreover, it all depends on communication and continuous interaction from your target audience on your preferred channels. 

And in this age, either you have to tackle the communication issues 24/7 or you can easily get a chatbot that automates your communication anyway.

Instagram Chatbot For Shopify Store – A Computer-Assisted Software

In general, the automation of conversational flow without any human intervention, connected from you all round the clock is known as a chatbot. 

For industries, chatbots are known for their name as automated customer support. You can employ chatbots on websites, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, and now the recent addition that “InstaChatbot” gives you Instagram Chatbot.

It helps the user to build a Free chatbot on Instagram with maximum functionalities and resources. Must try it for your Instagram business account and make your Shopify sales growth ROI high. 

You need to connect your Facebook page to InstaChatbot and follow these steps to get started:

  • Connect your Facebook with Instagram
  • Allow all settings for integrating to instagram business account & Facebook page
  • Connect bot to Instagram account
  • Now ready to start!

Every firm sets the team to make their customers engage and help them to understand the customer problems. That helps companies to recognize the pain points of the customers. But it is impossible that you can be available every time to make sure what your customers want.

So, chatbots save your life by delivering maximum working hours to assist every customer at any time. This functionality is an outstanding feature of a chatbot that develops curiosity to get ready to employ it. 

Let’s personalize this content for the eCommerce industry where Shopify is superior and the services they provide have no words but are just amazing. 

Instagram Shopify sales
Konstruct Digital

Instagram is the second most popular social media platform where you can find 1000+ online businesses. I hope you are one of them or if not, after reading this you will be. 

The loop on Instagram marketing is based on people seeing your products, comparing their needs, and then come with queries according to their needs. 

Normally, there are repeated questions that customers ask and your huge customer team responds manually. It takes as time as a day to reply or sometimes you can skip which is so frustrating for your customers. 

So, What do Customers think?

Customers want direct, quick, personalized, and satisfying care from the company and it is the need of your business to make customers happy.  For example, what are the delivery charges? Do you have a red color in this? Or maybe your customer gives you a 5-stars rating with the appreciation of your services.  But what if you couldn’t make time for your Instagram profile where lots of queries awaited you. 

Once you provide a better user experience, the level of customer satisfaction is not just a word. 82% of customers refer your product to their family, friends, and colleagues after getting excellent customer support.

In addition, Instagram is one of the trusted platforms for Shopify stores that can lead you with great ROI. But you have to make sure your presence is like an influencer that helps people to recognize your brand. The more you indulge with your customers, the more happening your Instagram business account will be. 

Why Does the Shopify Store Need an Instagram Chatbot as a Solution?

The solution to these problems is your Instagram chatbot for Shopify that contains maximum functionalities and features to make your sales and marketing streamlined on the same ground. Not only chatbot makes your business a happening place but you can also get a big chunk of profit by achieving your sales target.

Let’s dive straight into what features and functionalities revolutionize your sellings and be the reason for building Instagram for the Shopify store.

Personify Your Instagram Customer Experience

Personalization makes the worst-case better. It may look like a small word but it works like a luxury impact. For building customer relationships, you need to know your prospect and customers in a deepening way. 

With the Instagram chatbot, It is easy to talk in the most personalized way. To personify your prospects and customers by using the chatbot feature “user attributes”. For example, a random lady named “ANNA”  DM you to ask:

Anna:  “What services are you providing?”

Bot: Hi Anna, Thank you for calling me for help. Here are the services we provide…

And the whole details in form of her!

In just one line, the chatbot recognizes the name of the person without telling anyone. These little things make customers curious about your product and they actually consider your product out of thousands.

Amplify Your Business Hours 24/7

The limit of your working hours can exceed but don’t worry you don’t need any extra resources. The reason chatbot is appreciated by the industries is it can be available for long hours so your presence will not fade away for any reason. 

The automated chatbot can be active to make your customers’ queries resolved at the spot and provide maximum time to make your customer satisfied. 

For example, you can only work 7 hours to solve customers’ queries but at the time when you need to take a rest, and suddenly a query triggers on your chat window, there will be no one to assist your customers.

Employing an Instagram chatbot for Shopify may help you to take a rest and let the chatbot do its work. By using the functionality of building keyword or phrase-based conversation flow that reflects your frequently asked questions, you can improve the response time and save hours for your customers.

Real-time and Immediate Assistance

When you keep your customers prior, it makes your customers feel important and valuable. Better customer experience is the way to reach customers to your brand. So, in real-time assistance, Instagram chatbot never fails. 

When it is alive 24/7, there is no chance to skip any query of any customers. You can also use “Live Chat” to help with any complex or personal query. Like, 

Anna: “I want to talk human agent about my payments”

Bot: “Please click the Live Chat button”

And Anna will redirect with a human agent instantly. Some quick actions on Instagram Chatbot solutions may impress you and make your Shopify store more advanced for your customers.

Manage Your Shopify Store Sales

Shopify provides you a big platform where you can manage your online shop from inventory to payments. That’s why another tool InstaChatbot is the addition that prefers Instagram marketing over other marketing platforms. 

You can also connect your Instagram with Facebook for capturing leads, convincing people to try your product/services, and make them your potential customers. This feature helps you to be active in real-time 24/7 on both platforms.

Making your customer experience more satisfactory, helps you build relationships over time. You don’t need to invest your time to resolve queries, on different platforms, one chatbot is enough to tackle the queries of the prospects and customers. 

Integrate Different Plugins in Chatbot

To make your Instagram chatbot for Shopify smarter and intelligent, it must have the intent to provide ease to the customers. You can offer different actions in a single chat window with the help of dynamic integrations.

For example: see the product catalog, sending links, attaching files, and sliders are just one tap away. But you can integrate many of the plugins such as stripes for payment acceptance, Google sheets for export data of conversational form, Zapier, and others. 

Bottom Line

So there will not be a chance to say no to the chatbot. Better communication helps you to drag customers to the edge of the sales funnel. The above features and functions are not enough, there are many to explore with your only platform “InstaChatbot”.

Start building InstaChatbot and help your customers approach you and you get them back instantly that too 24/7. Oh, I forgot to tell you that it’s totally free! You can get started in just zero pence and get full access to the platform. So here you go!

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