Instagram chatbot: The best approach to connect with your followers

Instagram Chatbot: The Best Approach To Connect With Your Followers

Creating a page on Instagram for your business is easy; you can get followers within simple tactics of promoting your page. If your business is going great, then people love to follow you, and you will be amazed to have a lot of customers in terms of followers.  

Amazed? Why did I directly tell your followers as your customers? Because Instagram Chatbot gives a warm welcome to your prospect and a good interaction helps them buy without any fear of fraud.


In all these situations, you have to meet up virtually because your eCommerce market will give you the opportunity for worldwide selling. You can approach your followers in real-time without being you, but a chatbot on Instagram. 

Understand What an Instagram Chatbot Is

Don’t get me strange: I am not talking about the automated bots that follow other accounts, like their posts, and comment on specific lists. Not spammy at all!

But I am talking about the Instagram Chatbot: A software tool that uses artificial intelligence to generate an automated conversation with your followers. In addition, a chatbot may help you improve the client experience by offering immediate service and resolving difficulties.

Managing your DM is not a big deal because Chatbot is mainly built to respond at the spot simultaneously. So if any query hits the DM, the Instagram chatbot will never delay assisting them. 

Your followers would not only praise your customer support but also, can do instant shopping from it. For example, a follower of your page visits your page and comes to you to ask more about it. Then, you show the product and instant option for purchasing. Interestingly, you can accept payments, gather details and send the confirmation.

Do you want to try InstaChatbot

InstaChatbot is a computer-assisted software for your Instagram business account that can help you to engage your customers without any hassle. With the Instagram chatbot, you can manage your DM with extra care of your customer by addressing in real-time and almost 24/7 turnaround. 

It carries lots of functionalities and features that can help to build a potential Instagram chatbot. For example, engaging customers in your product or services is a way to build relationships with your followers and eventually convince them to purchase it. 

InstaChatbot is the lightest chatbot that can be easily operated and built by end-users. You just need to follow these steps:

  • Sign up with your Facebook account and ensure your Instagram account is already connected with your Facebook page.
  • Enables the essential setting that is shown on your screen.
  •  Select the Facebook page that you wanted to integrate with the chatbot.
  • And now, just click the connect button to get access to the dashboard.

Why would you want to build an Instagram chatbot?

Two hundred million people per day visit at least one company profile. As a result, Instagram has become a significant sales channel. In addition, Chatbots may be used to handle requests, improve customer service, and increase engagement.

This platform began as a photo-sharing platform 10 years ago, but it has grown more comprehensive. You may now exchange messages, offer items, and share movies, among other things.

The following points help you to build your Instagram chatbot more functional.

Make your Instagram chatbot unique

You need to define the role (sales? customer service? ), personality, and objective, among other things. For example, if you want to build a feedback-gathered chatbot, its only function is to collect data. Same for the lead generation chatbot. 

If you want to generate qualified leads, you take help from the conversational forms and integrate them with the chatbot. Your form gathers data, and you can export it via google Sheets.

Structure the conversation flow

Make sure the chatbot can answer your followers’ concerns. Your conversational flow makes your chatbot intelligent and super attractive for users. 

You can build the conversational flow with hand-picked keywords or complete phrases. Then, when you create a chatbot, you can give a personalized touch by setting the attributes. 

Design the layout with the additional resources

Create a prototype of your chatbot stories using multiple other features like conversational forms, media blocks, and set all with attentive details. Then, you can test the chatbot before going live with the actual version.


The chatbot is evolving under the umbrella of social media (such as Facebook chatbots, website chatbots, WhatsApp chatbots, etc.) because most companies start working digitally. In addition, companies jump over the hybrid operations as they are available in-store and online as well. 

It is high time to build an Instagram chatbot for your competitive advantage in the market. InstaChatbot delivers the instant chatbot solution with no charges. Yes, it is free of cost with no extra or hidden charges. You can just follow those above steps and build your customized chatbot to entertain and engage your customers. 

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