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What is an Instagram Chatbot?

Instagram Chatbot is the new spice in the eCommerce market to enhance the possibility of interacting with more customers or prospects. On Instagram, without communication, the business can face difficulty operating on huge platforms. To reduce this challenge many marketing strategies we see in practice and marketers spend huge amounts on it. 

It can be an advertisement, direct marketing, branding, packaging, your online presence, printed materials, PR activities, sales presentations, sponsorships, trade show appearances, and more. 

Instagram is available globally, allowing companies to reach a large audience. The use of Instagram as a conversational platform for personalized messages to reach a large number of people can be called Instagram marketing. 

You can see all these activities all around the Instagram feed and stories. These all are typical and expensive ways but companies bear it to get the massive outcome. 

If we talk about the cheapest one it must be a social media platform. Although, they also charge for some services they provide like ads. Facebook and Instagram are the most usable channels for marketing, lead generation, and selling. 

You can find buyers anytime from anywhere but the most important is your presence to engage them in your product and services. That’s why your availability matters a lot!

To do this, companies came towards an AI chatbot that enables businesses to be present 24/7 and in real-time. InstaChabot – a software that helps you to be available and communicate with your customers less expensively. 

It helps to increase your business hours, provide personalized interaction, shorten your sales funnel, and increase your conversion rate. 

Irrespective of the number of followers, Instagram business accounts can develop Instagram chatbots. But what will be the combination of Chatbot and Instagram? Let’s dive straight to know!

Instagram and Chatbot – The Best Combo Ever

The eye-capturing solution was introduced for eCommerce marketers which is an Instagram chatbot.

Instagram owns a great number of active users, including a large number of millennials and generation Z. To entertain them, business brands are over there too. 

By integrating Instagram Chatbot into your Instagram business profile, allowing consumers to see your products, access DM, and provide personalized interaction. 

In addition, customers may discover more about your products by looking at product descriptions, asking you for details, or visiting your web store or catalog.

You can find many chatbot companies (like Botsify, Intercom, etc.) but for an Instagram chatbot that is directly linked with your Facebook business page is just on “InstaChatbot”. 

InstaChatbot provides you a chatbot platform where you can build a chatbot and embed it to your business account. 


Moreover, the Instagram chatbot helps you to provide real-time assistance to your customers without any delay. The best feature of chatbots is they can be available round the clock (24/7/365) and respond instantly if any query hits in the inbox.

InstaChatbot offers you a FREE Instagram chatbot to reduce your workload without any extra cost. Instead, it can minimize your expenses by cut-down your customer support team in half. 

When you build a chatbot, you have to gather all the questions your customer asks and build a story-based chat flow to make your chatbot intelligent and easy to talk to. 

When your chatbot trains well, you don’t need a huge support team to respond to common or complex questions. The Instagram chatbot is easy to display products, transactions, placing orders, etc in just one chat window. 

Handle Frequent Inquiries

Customers need assistance or you can say they need an explanation to convince them to make the regular customers. They ask questions through messages or in the comment box to get information and want responses in real-time. Make their expectations into reality by integrating chatbots and let them respond to customers’ queries in real-time. 

Expand Working Hours

Instagram chatbots work for you 24/7, without taking a break, and give support to thousands of consumers at the same time. This is the most important benefit of chatbot automation that provides customer support all round the clock.

Creating a List of Qualified Leads

The chatbot is to generates genuine leads based on the users’ basic information. Data gathering is simple and quick. Not only leads but also gathers feedback by creating customized feedback forms.

Segmentation of Users

The practice of dividing users into different groups, or segments, based on shared features is known as user segmentation. It is basically used to deliver personalization, user segmentation is important to consider. You can set the attributes in your bot dialogs to provide a personalized experience in the conversation.  

Feature of Instagram Chatbot That Can Appeal

Integrate Facebook to Instagram

Your Instagram is incomplete without Facebook, so why not chatbot for both. It is the first step to build an Instagram chatbot to connect your Facebook company page with your Instagram business account. Chatbot redirects to the Instagram messages with Facebook messenger and gathers all customer queries in one frame i.e., Instagram chatbot. 

Phrase or  Keyword-Based Conversation Flow

Train your chatbot according to your ease by either adding phrases or keywords that can detect what your customers need. Smart chatbots can make sense of your business-related FAQs. Chatbot training is compulsory to provide detailed and effective information to the end-users.

Conversation with Multilingual Customers

Capture audiences all over the world by using their preferred languages. No, you don’t need to learn all languages because your chatbot took over all the languages. Customers from anywhere can ask you anything and your chatbot will never fail to reply to them. 

Live Chat for Human Take Over

No doubt, humans are also important to satisfy customers and many of the time customers want to interact with human agents. Live chat is here to rescue! InstaChatbot is just one click away from human agents to resolve any problematic issues. You can eliminate issues 

Automated Comment Section

Instagram is the place where you can find lots of queries in your comment section about the product or services that you provide. But do you know it can be a good lead generation tool if you use an automated chatbot? 

InstaChatbot enables you to automate your comment section and integrate it with DM. For example, if an active user needs to know about your location or the product price, Instagram chatbot sends personalized DM with detailed information.

Conversational Form Creation

For many years, it is a difficult process together with feedback and collecting their responses. But Insta Chatbot helps in this situation. You can build conversational forms to get feedback or lead generation and get secure data on the google sheet. 

Broadcast Messaging 

It’s not a big deal to send a single message to a huge number of individuals. Setting a broadcast message at the same time with a personalized touch is here to rescue. For example, you want to send a 50% discount offer to all your previous customers, you just write the good content and set it into broadcast messages. 

Step-by-Step Guide of How to build Instagram Chatbot

The step-by-step guide for the Shopify Instagram chatbot will never stop you from building your own. So let’s know how to build it!

First, Fulfill the Criteria

  • You must be an admin of your Facebook business page to proceed with the Instagram setup. An editor will not have access to all of these options.
  • You have to connect with the Instagram messaging API to your Instagram business account through the Facebook messaging page. Check your Facebook messaging page, and check the connection there. You can also take help from here.

Step#1: Sign-Up with Facebook

For using InstaChatbot, you have to get started with a Facebook page and connect your Instagram business account with it. 

Instagram Chatbot

Confirm your account to proceed further.

InstaChatbot set up

Step#2: Select Your Business Pages

Once it gets connected, you can see the page(s) list down over there. You can select the page(s) that you want to integrate chatbot. 

Allow all options, it might help your chatbot work properly.

As soon as you have done this, you will link your Shopify chatbot to your Facebook page. 


Step#4: Connect your Instagram Page

After connecting your Facebook profile, you can directly connect your desired Instagram business page to and there you go!

Step#: Jump on the Dashboard

You can see the dashboard of InstaChatbot. Now, design your bot according to your needs. Add dialogs and images to make your chatbot attractive. 

InstaChatbot Dashboard

Let’s Wrap up!

Instagram is a popular social media platform with millions of users, you may reach out to them all over the world if you extract your target demographic. Businesses are quite active on Instagram with official pages, excellent content, and sponsored advertisements to attract your target audience.

Instagram chatbots are engaging, conversational, and meaningful. Marketers will benefit after integrating chatbots into their message platforms and help them reach a wider audience. InstaChatbot is an independent platform with maximum functionality and features for an Instagram chatbot. Explore more about it by signing up on the dashboard. 

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